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Spirit at Work

Video of: Spirit at Work

    Have you ever been connected with a group of people who were faced with an almost impossible task? Perhaps together you put in the extra effort to get the new product out. You pulled together and set aside ego and title, just rolled up your sleeves and got the job done. It felt great. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect like this everyday
    This is easier said than done. In this new video, The Spirit at Work, best selling author James Autry offers a perspective that can help. His ideas are down to earth and useful. He contends that it all depends on five ways of being. These five principles will allow us to nurture our own Spirit at Work.
     "There is no business; there are only people. Business exists only among people and for people. Seems simple enough, but not enough people seem to get it."
  —James A. Autry

Key Concepts:

  • Be Authentic: be your real self.
  • Be Vulnerable: let go of the myth of control.
  • Be Accepting: forget about winning and losing.
  • Be Present: pay attention.
  • Be Useful: serve others.

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