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The Servant Leader: A Practical Guide To Using The Principles Of Servant Leadership Flying book
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     Servant Leadership is leadership the right way - a better way of being a manager and part of organizational life. Servant leadership will produce fulfilling emotional, psychological, and spiritual rewards for everyone involved. It will enhance productivity, encourage creativity, and benefit the bottom line.
     In The Servant Leader top-selling author, former Fortune 500 executive and business consultant James A. Autry shows you how to remain true to the servant leadership model when handling day-to-day and long-term management situations. You'll learn how to manage with respect and honesty and how to empower employees to achieve new levels of satisfaction. Plus, you'll learn why servant leadership can be the guiding light to becoming the kind of leader and  person you want to be. You'll discover how to:

  • Maintain your spiritual focus while dealing with such challenging issues as firing, harassment, substance abuse, and performance problems
  • Provide guidance during conflict and crisis
  • Assure your continued growth and progress as a leader
  • Train managers in the principles of servant leadership
  • Transform a company with morale problems into a great place to work

        Real leadership begins on the inside with your own commitment to inspire the best in others. But its one thing to make the commitment; it's quite another to develop the skills to make that happen. If you are an executive, a manager, or someone who aspires to be in a leadership role, you will find the servant leadership philosophy to be a valuable, refreshing, and rewarding approach to leading others and to business life.

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